Premises Liability

The owner (or occupier) of land has a duty to keep the premises on the land safe.  They have a duty to routinely inspect the land and the premises, to discover unsafe or hazardous conditions, to make the unsafe conditions safe to the public or visitors and to warn the public or visitors until the hazard is corrected.

Examples of injury cases involving premise liability cases include:

Swimming Pool Accidents
Apartment Complex Injuries
Falling Merchandise Accidents
Elevator Malfunctions
Hotel Injuries
Slip and Fall Accidents
Amusement Park Accidents
Bar and Restaurant Accidents
Inadequate Security Cases

Kyle Pugh has successfully litigated many premise liability cases throughout the state of Texas.  He and his staff will work to quickly identify and document the dangerous condition and those responsible for it.  It is important to promptly conduct an investigation and identify how long the dangerous condition existed, what and who caused the dangerous condition and when the land owner became aware of the hazard.  The owner of the premises is often not the same as the occupier of the premises.  Depending upon the hazard, both may be held legally accountable.  

The attorneys at C. Kyle Pugh, P.C are highly experienced in investigating and prosecuting premise liability cases that result in severe injury or death.  If you or a family member has been severely injured while on the premises of third party, please contact Kyle Pugh.