Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when an individual is harmed by the negligence of a physician, nurse, chiropractor or staff member of a hospital.  Medical providers are held to a high standard of care.  Unfortunately, many thousands of horrible injuries and deaths occur every year due to the malpractice and negligence of health care providers.

To prosecute a medical malpractice case, Texas law requires that an independent physician or health care provider evaluate the conduct of the defendant doctor or medical provider.  This expert is then required to provide a report detailing how the defendant doctor or medical provider breached the standard of care which resulted in damages.

Kyle Pugh has worked closely with medical malpractice experts throughout the state of Texas.  He is affiliated with doctors who strive to police their peers and remedy medical negligence by serving as expert witnesses in medical malpractice cases.

Moreover, Kyle Pugh has training in microbiology and immunology which assists him in understanding and communicating the science behind a medical malpractice case.

Examples of Medical Malpractice include:

Failure to Diagnose
Prescribing the Wrong Medicine or Dosage
Delays in Treatment
Surgical Errors

The attorneys at C. Kyle Pugh, P.C. have experience in prosecuting and litigating complex and difficult medical malpractice cases.  However, due to tort reform in the state of Texas, an individual’s ability to recovery substantial sums for damages has been greatly limited.  Nonetheless, catastrophic medical malpractice cases may still be pursued within the state of Texas.  If you or a family member has suffered severe damages as a result of a physician or medical provider, contact Kyle Pugh for an evaluation of your medical malpractice case.