Legal Malpractice Attorney Dallas, TX

Legal Malpractice occurs when an attorney is negligent which results in damage to the client.  Attorneys also may willfully abuse their position with a client to the attorneys’ economic benefit and the clients’ detriment.

Examples of legal malpractice include missing an important deadline such as filing a lawsuit late (violating the statute of limitations), breach of the attorney’s fiduciary duty to a client, and improper and unconscionable fees charged by a lawyer.

Lawyers are human and make mistakes.  Some lawyers are simply greedy and deceptive.  While lawyers are held to a very high ethical standard to their clients, they nonetheless make mistakes or willfully violate their duties to their clients.

Often lawyers and law firms carry professional liability insurance in the event such a claim arises.

The law firm of C. Kyle Pugh, P.C. prosecutes legal malpractice claims against lawyers and their law firms.  We have successfully litigated legal malpractice cases against attorneys, bringing to light their negligence or willful violations.

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