Insurance Claims and Insurance Litigation

Consumers in Texas spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year insuring themselves, their health, their property and their businesses.  In a time of crisis or need, we expect our insurance carries to timely and fairly satisfy an insurance claim.

However, insurance carriers do not make money by paying claims.  Unfortunately, they make money by delaying payment and denying claims.

Insurance companies are there for you when you are paying your premiums.  However, when it is time to satisfy your claim, the often become adverse to you and what is in your best interest.

The law requires that insurance companies timely evaluate and pay an insurance claim in good faith.  Strict penalties are available to hold them accountable when they do not.

Insurance carriers often will not apprise you of your rights and at times will subject you to unscrupulous practices.

Many people are simply overwhelmed with the claims process and severely compromise their claims or even abandon them altogether.  Let the attorneys at C. Kyle Pugh, P.C. shine light onto the unfair practices of your insurance carrier and fight to maximize the value of your insurance claim.

If you have submitted an insurance claim only to have it denied or delayed, contact Kyle Pugh to aggressively hold your insurance carrier accountable.

Kyle Pugh will litigate the terms of your policy and hold your insurance carrier to the standard of good faith and fair dealing.