Dallas Law Firm

The Dallas law firm of C. Kyle Pugh P.C.  represents individuals as well as corporate entities in civil litigation. We have successfully represented clients throughout the States of Texas and Colorado, both in Federal and State courts.

The law firm is led by Kyle Pugh and is staffed with additional attorneys, seasoned paralegals and legal assistants.  We are a group of legal professionals who work tirelessly to excise justice from those who willfully, negligently or recklessly cause injury or economic damage to our clients.  We are committed and accustomed to winning results for our clients.

The law firm of C. Kyle Pugh, P.C. routinely employs the brightest and most respected legal experts available to assist us in preparing our clients’ cases. We often reach beyond the State of Texas, nationally, and at times, internationally, to retain the most effective legal experts and legal consultants.

We are known as a trial law firm, which often results in higher settlements from insurance companies and corporate defendants as compared to a firm that has not earned a reputation for trying cases to a jury. We are proud of this reputation, and routinely litigate our cases before a judge or jury to win the results our clients deserve.

Our law firm is ready to evaluate your potential case.  Please do not hesitate to contact Kyle Pugh.