Construction Accidents and Work Injuries

Commercial and residential construction is a booming industry in Texas.  Unfortunately, thousands of workers are severely injured or killed each year at construction sites.  Often these work injuries deaths are the result of employers not complying with the many federal and state laws which govern construction site safety.  Sometimes construction accidents are simply the result of not providing basic safety training to the construction workers themselves.

Most construction employers, including general contractors and subcontractors, are required to properly insure their workers.  However, injured workers are often abandoned by their employers without sufficient means to pay for their medical bills or lost wages.  It is easy for contractors to replace an injured worker with yet another laborer.

The attorneys at C. Kyle Pugh, P.C. work tirelessly to hold construction contractors accountable for dangerous conditions and unsafe practices.  We will investigate a construction or work site injury, identify the parties responsible and assess what laws and regulations were not followed.  It is common for us to hire accident reconstructionists, safety engineers, medical experts and vocational economists to maximize a recovery for our clients.

Examples of Construction Accidents and Work Injuries may include:

Collapsing Structures
Warehouse Injuries
Heavy Equipment Injuries

A workplace injury or construction accident can be a severe and life changing occurrence.

If you or a family member has suffered a work injury or construction accident, contact Kyle Pugh for experienced and aggressive legal representation.